Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vermont Maple Open House Weekend 2013

We live in Vermont where maple sugaring is kinda of a big thing.  For us, it is the sign that winter is over & spring is finally here. 
We make our own maple syrup right at home every year.  A much smaller operation than sugar houses but it's fun & the kiddos love to do it.  I've already planned a separate post about that.  ;)
Here are some pictures from our visits to a few area sap houses during Vermont Maple Open House Weekend...

 Harmony & Mason having a taste of the Sugar Shack's maple syrup after our tour of their process.  We also got to try some Maple Taffy when we visited Kim in the store!   ;)


Paul Ennis, Jr. explaining how their equipment works...they see this every year yet they get so into it.  :)

Enjoying some hot pancakes with fresh maple syrup at Ennis' Sugar House.

Our annual sugaring photo opp at Ennis'.

Mason, loving those pancakes!


Then we visited Kobik's in Shaftsbury.  Here's Mr. Kobik showing the kids his wood pile.  He boils his sap with wood heat.

Kobik's again.  We loved the maple oatmeal cookies they offered here!  Yummmm!


It was a great day!  We learned (more re-learned, lol) all about maple sugaring plus got some free treats!   :)



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