Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Food sensitivities? More like chemical reactions, if you ask me!

For many years I could not eat eggs.  They would make me feel like I had the flu...cold & hot sweats, extreme nausea, horrible tummy pains...it was bad.  My symptoms would last for a couple of hours & once it digested, I was fine again.  (This included store bought and the ones I received from the state program, WIC.)  It was terrible because I like eggs...omelets, egg salad, oh yum!

Things that had eggs IN them (ex: cake, cupcakes, etc.) did not seem to bother me though.  Weird, yes.

Well, we started raising chickens in our backyard.  Our daughter gathered up her collected birthday money one spring day & headed to Tractor Supply with Daddy because she wanted some baby chicks.  (She is TOTALLY a farm girl!)  Since, we've expanded our chick crew to somewhere around 20 chickens who altogether lay about a dozen eggs a day.  They get no medications, no pesticides, no chemicals, no steroids...nothing but cracked corn, grain, bread, scraps, etc.  Our eggs are only rinsed, cooked & eaten...no processing at all whatsoever.  

It was a few times after eating our nice, fresh, chemical-free eggs before realizing that I hadn't been sick.  (I know, how could I not notice not feeling like that, right?  With four kids to keep you entertained, it's easier than you'd think!  Lol.)
I started paying attention then, being conscious of it after eating them.  Wouldn't ya know...NO reaction!!  I was so excited!  

One morning, Albert & I decided to go out for breakfast.  There's a restaurant locally that has some pretty delish Eggs Benedict, so that's where we headed.  I was a little worried about getting sick but they had a sign that claimed they use "Organic Eggs"...so I figured yeahhh we'll see.  I totally enjoyed my breakfast, remained conscious, preparing for writhing pain & ickiness...but nothing!  Yayyy, their eggs WERE organic!  ;)

Yet it concerned me & got me thinking...what exactly do they do to chickens and/or eggs, what is it they treat them with that would cause such awful sickness for me??  Scary scary thought that it's "OK" for these companies & factories to contaminate our food like that!  
I have not yet looked into what exactly it may be...but give me time & I'm sure you'll get an update.  ;)



  1. Oh my my...I can point you to some documentaries if you like. I've been lucky to not have that problem, but...a lot of people are getting sick off food that should have been fine...like all those wheat allergies? GMO...hormones...antibiotics...etc. Contact me :)

  2. It's definitely scary! We're investing in beekeeping this year & going full-force into homegrown. :)
    Yes! E-mail me whatever you've got! ;)