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Monday, April 8, 2013

"Re-starting" food? Yes, really!

I read somewhere about fruits & vegetables that you can "re-grow" or "re-start" some of them from a piece, a shoot, roots, etc.  That's where I found this idea & we decided to give it a try!

When done with a celery bunch, put it in water for a few weeks.  Once it starts to grow new stalks, transfer it to soil.  Bam!  You just grew celery!   :)
Just that simple?  Yuppp, sure is!  I included a few photos of ours so far.  When we get ready to move it to soil, I'll post again.

These are after 4 days in this glass of water.  I do change the water every other day...

I love this!  I'm slightly frugal, so any way to save some moolah is my kinda thing!   ;)

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