Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Homework frustrations

All children are different.  Mine prove this every day.

The only issues we had with Hollie & homework were that she was bored.  The work wasn't challenging enough.  She felt it was a "waste of time".  
Hunter, we only have an issue in the spring, when the weather gets nicer, because that child could LIVE outside if you let him.  But, still, not too bad.

Now Mason...ohhh emmm's terrible!  For the past couple of months, it's been hell trying to get him to do his homework every day!  Excuses, procrastination, you name it - we deal with it.  
Cabin fever?  Possibly, but we make sure they have plenty of outdoor time regardless.  
Work too tough?  Nope, not at all, he breezes through it.  
Just a butt?  Yeahhh, I'm thinkin maybe...Lol  
We've tried everything from setting a timer, bribery (ice-cream, etc.), time-outs (I did not like this one), making him save it until morning, etc.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, has helped.  He's stubborn.  Very stubborn.  (I have not yet figured out where this stubbornness comes from...*rolls eyes*.  Ha, yeah right!  Lol.)

Daddy-O may have found the trick though.  I hate rewarding my kids for things they should do anyway (cleaning their rooms, feeding their animals, doing their homework, etc.) but have been at a total loss as to how to make this situation better.  It's been wearing on us all.  
So, the deal is that he has until 3pm to eat his snack then must have his homework done by 4pm.  (Yes, outside time taken into consideration.  Since it's light out later now that the weather's better, he still has plenty of time to play.)  Each day he achieves his goal, he earns a dollar.  He is very excited about this plan, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  Yesterday went well.

I'm really hoping this is the solution!  I'm sure I'll update you in a couple of weeks, see how much cashola he's banked.   ;)


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