Friday, July 1, 2011

*HOTTT* Deals! ~ Local

For those that live near me...

Shaw's has these Poland Spring Aquapod 8-packs on sale for $1.00!!!!  Yes, $1.00 per 8-pack!!!  (Regular price is $3.19!!)  I grabbed a bunch last night.  The kiddos love them!  Handy & healthy - what more can I ask for?!  Lol.  Just thought I'd let ya know!!!   =)

(Had to stock up for my little man's birthday party!  Sorry about the glare!  Lol.)
Also, Juicy Juice 8-pack juice boxes are on sale at Price Chopper = 2/$5!  If anyone knows how expensive Juicy Juice is, you'll know this is also a great deal!!

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