Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bling Jewels Giveaway @ Beautifully BellaFaith!

Ahhhh!!!  I soooo need Bling Strands (ohhh strands, jewels, feathers...doesn't matter to me...I want them all!)!!  My 9 year old would totally fall in love & they would look amazing in her blonde hair!  I just think they would be fun!!  Have awesome, colored "highlights" without having to dye my hair?!  Yeahhh!!  They are applied without glue or chemicals, so they are safe too!  And you can change the color whenever!!  

The coolest part is that they also have Bling add sparkle to special event hair-dos or just to wear daily!  (I'd totally wear them to the beach!  Lol.)  Bling Jewels are made from genuine multi-faceted Czech crystals.  (oooh-la-la!)  You attach them to your hair with a flat iron and removing them is easy! 

Fancy Feathers are also available.  These aren't so much my style, but I may try them (and I know my daughter would!) just because they're neat!  They come in an array of designs & patterns, so you're bound to find something to match any outfit.  ;-)
(*You DO need a set of pliers, hook or threader, and micro beads to install the feathers.  Only available wholesale.*)

I have not tried Bling Strands, Jewels or Feathers before, but man do I wanna!!  Lol.  =)

Want to WIN a set?!?!

Beautifully BellaFaith is giving away a set of Amethyst Bling Jewels!!  (Which, ahemmm, would match perfectly for the wedding I'll be in come September!  Lol.)

                                                         diamonds purple

**This giveaway ends August 4, 2011 @ 11:59pm CST**

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