Friday, June 17, 2011

*NEW parties from House Party!* case some of you haven't heard of, they are a company that hooks up comsumers with companies to spread the word about new products (or boost up ones we already know!)
You fill out applications for the parties that interest you & if accepted, you get a party pack FREE!!  I have hosted three different ones in the past & the party packs are always AWESOME!!  The "catch"...??  You have a fun party, use the products they send you, pass out the coupons & freebies to your guests they send you & when it's all pics to the House Party website, talk about it whenever & wherever & fill out an incredibly short survey!  That's it!!  Here are some of the latest parties available:

Thai Kitchen Deliciously Different BBQ House Party

If chosen as a host you will:
~ Grill up Asian-inspired BBQ dishes with the help of Thai Kitchen® and Simply Asia®
  • ~ Show off your culinary skills by taking and sharing photoss of your inspired eats.
  • ~ Teach your guests the art of origami and the Thai tradition of fruit and vegetable carving.

Your FREE party pack will include:

                                                        Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk

Thai Kitchen Roasted Red Chili & Red Curry Pastes

Thai Kitchen Dipping & All Purpose Sauces

Thai Kitchen Fish Sauce

Thai Kitchen Peanut Satay Sauce

Simply Asia Ginger Teriyaki & General Tso Stir-Fry Sauces

Thai Kitchen & Simply Asia grilling recipes & coupons

Thai Kitchen & Simply Asia potholder

Thai Kitchen & Simply Asia chip clips

Click here to apply for the Thai Kitchen Deliciously Different BBQ House Party now!!

Norton Back to School House Party

If chosen as a host you will:
  • ~ Demonstrate how to keep kids safe online by leading a Norton Online Family Scavenger Hunt
  • ~ Give your guests the facts about online security, online safety and the benefits of Norton products and services through a fun game of bingo
  • ~ Share a Norton service that can help you and your guests fix that pesky printer, annoying computer errors and more so your kids can stay productive
Spaces for this event are limited!

Your FREE party pack will include:

Norton 360™ 1-year free

Product & service offers for you and your guests

Norton bingo

Norton Online Family scavenger hunt

Norton reusable tote

Family Online Safety Guide

Norton sticky pad

Norton pen

Norton magnet

Click here to apply for the Norton Back to School House Party now!!

Good luck!!!


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  1. I'd love to win the Thai one, but wouldn't mind the Norton one! I know many people who could use some discounted Virus protection!

    But, I did win the Budweiser Ultimate Backyard BBQ House Party today as a Last Chance Video submission winner! :) Wooo! This will be my 3rd party!