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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tried & True!

I have signed up for various survey companies, clubs, etc.  Here, I would like to tell you the ones that I have tried & can prove to be reliable.  =)

With this program, you create an account, find codes from Pampers products & enter them for points that you then can redeem for gifts!!  To date, I've gotten a DVD, Cabbage Patch doll & a Build-A-Bear Workshop Gift card!!  They change the rewards every so often, so save up those points & you can get some great stuff!!

This works the same as the Pampers program.  Create an account, gather & enter points from Huggies products & redeem your points to enter contests & get stuff, such as coupons & gift cards!

This is a survey site.  Sign up, fill out your profiles so they can notify you when there's a survey you may be match for.  I know many are hesitant of survey companies, but I can tell you that I recieved my first check from Opinion Outpost 2 weeks ago.  I signed, drove to the bank & cashed.  No issues!  I was very excited that it was a "for real" company, so now I make sure I attempt each & every invite that hits my inbox.  =)

Another survey site.  Although, from time to time, they will also do product testing.  I just got a check from them, but haven't made it to the bank yet.  (Will let you know how it goes, but seems to be another "tried & true"!)

*Please note that you will not get rich overnight taking surveys.  And, believe me, I know how frustrating it is to start one or be invited to take one, that they decide halfway through you are not a match for.  But, keep at it & soon enough, you'll have some cash in your pocket for a bite to eat or a few things at the store.  ;-)

I'd have to say that House Party is my all-time favorite!!!  They are a company that helps companies with marketing.  When a company wants to get the word out about a new product or spread the word more, they let House Party know what they're looking for for hosts.  Then HP takes applications & whittles down to the ones who are the best match for what the company is looking for.  As a HP host, if chosen, you get either coupons for free product or the product itself sent to you.  The stipulation??  You must agree to a few things...(worried about what those may be, eh??  Lol)  You MUST agree to have a party, display & give away free stuff, then post pictures & fill out a survey at the end.  Real complicated, huh?!?!  Lol.  Nope.  Easy.  Fun.  Free!!!  Love Love Love them!!!  I have personally hosted 2 online parties (no party pack...boooo!!!) and 3 actual parties.  DiGiorno, Tombstone Halloween & Febreeze.  The party packs were amazing & we had fun at each & every one!


I got my daughter the Freaky Friday DVD from them last week...FREE!!!  Same as Pampers & Huggies, collect codes from your Disney movies, enter them, get points, then spend your points.  They have a huge collection of rewards from clothing, DVDs, collectibles & even travel discounts & vouchers!

Soooo, there a few of the places I frequent while in my search for all that is free!!!  Hope you check them out & comment anywhere about any of it!

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