Monday, January 31, 2011

SweetStuff =)

Wow, the first month of 2011 is just about it me, or is this year starting out fast??  Lol.

I had a great week with deals! 

*We used our $8 off coupon from Disney Movie Rewards for amazing movie, by the way!

*I won a Downy sleep tee...Wahoooo!

*We went & got our FREE candles from Bath & Body works!!  ("We" = of course, the hubby's signed up for all clubs & memberships as well!  Hehehe...yes yes, even Victoria's Secret!)  They're cute, tiny little things, but FREE, nonetheless.   ;-)    Below is a picture of them with my daughter's My Little Pony to show their size.  We got Pink Sangria & Island Margarita.  ( my mind somewhere sandy & bright??  Lol.)
I also just HAD to get a Frosted Cranberry air freshener...for $2!  Lol.

*I have successfully cashed my first check from Mindfield Online!!  So, I can most certainly verify from personal experience that they are TRIED & TRUE!!!  Another keeper!!

*Not to mention all the miscellaneous freebies that came in the mail!

*Aaaand, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 comes out tomorrow, so I'll be headed to get mine with my $10 off coupon from Disney!  (Well, as long as we're not buried in another 8 feet of snow!!)

*Please spread the word, repost, etc. & please feel more than free to leave comments!!!  I have also added "Reaction" boxes which appear at the end of each post.  Check away!  Lol.  (I'd just like to see if people are happy with what I'm posting!)

*Also just a reminder to all to check back regularly, even if some things aren't "up your alley" because you never know when incredible stuff will come up!  (One of my very first freebies was a brand new golf club for the hubby from TaylorMade!!!)

Well, back to searching out some more stuff to hook you up with!!  Have a great day everyone!!!   ;-)



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